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High Quality Coated METAL Products

East Steel is a prepainted steel coil supplier that is committed to creating high quality coated steel. Our production line includes two core parts: the painting unit and the printing unit.

As a professional color coated steel coil manufacturer/supplier/factory, East Steel is capable of many strengths. The structure and process of the painting unit adopt the advanced design concept from South Korea, and the whole line adopts the electronic control equipment of Germany Siemens. Using three coated and three baking processes, the surface quality, coating precision and processing performance of color coated steel coil/sheet reach the international leading level.

Printing Unit is South Korea's design and manufacture of a professional company, perfect to achieve the three-colour overprint, superior to domestic ordinary monochromatic light of printing technology. The printing effect is rich, can achieve multi-level, concave and convex, three-dimensional sense. Can simulate the effect of wood, stone, cloth, leather, stainless steel, copper and other materials.

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel (GI)
Hot-dip galvanized steel coil is produced by continuous hot-dip galvanizing process on the basis of hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel strip. Hot-dip galvanized sheets which are supplied by cutting across rectangular plates are reeled in coils.
Galvalume/Aluzinc Roofing Sheet (GL)
Galvanized steel sheet in coil is an important alloy material that is often used in daily life. Al-Zn-coated steel sheet using galvanized steel coating is composed of Al-Zn alloy, which consists of 55% Al, 43% Zn and 2% SI after solidification at 600 °C.
Pre-painted Galvanized Steel (PPGI)
Pre-painted galvanized steel coil/sheet is produced by direct application of paint onto a steel sheet in a coil-coating line. Color coated steel is a kind of product that is made by coating one or several layers of organic coating on the surface of galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet and so on.
Pre-painted Galvalume Steel (PPGL)
Color coiling is a kind of product which is made by coating one or several layers of organic structural steel coatings on the surface of galvanized sheet, galvalume sheet and so on, after surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion) and then baking.
Pre-painted Aluminum Coil
Pre painted aluminium (colour-coated aluminum coil), as the name implies is on the surface of aluminum or (aluminum coil) colouring treatment, common fluorocarbon colour-coated aluminum (colour-coated aluminum coil), polyester colour-coated aluminium (colour-coated aluminium coil).
Coated Steel Market & Applications
Colour coated coil with a light, beautiful and good anti-corrosion performance, but also directly processed, the colour is generally divided into grey and white, blue, brick red, mainly used in advertising, construction, household appliances, electrical appliances, furniture and transportation industries. According to the different environment, we choose suitable resin, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastic Sol, polyvinylidene chloride. The user can choose according to the use. Color Steel as the current popular building materials, cost-effective, convenient installation.
Steel structure application:
Construction, factory, guardhouse, civic building, light steel villa, project etc.
Metal roofing application:
Roof, roof structure, and so on.
Metal building facades application:
Shutter door, exterior wall enclosure, shutters, guard door, street waiting room, ventilation etc.
Think what you think, open the possibility of limited creation

Jiangsu East Steel Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the galvannealed steel coil and sheet suppliers in China established in 2009. Our color coated steel coil factory focuses on the coating business and has a leading product line. With advanced business philosophy, technology and strict quality control management, we can provide high-quality products such as color coating, printing, and accessory plate (roll) suitable for customers' demand.

The color coated sheet can be widely used in the fields of house wall materials, ceiling Interior decoration, rail transit, home appliance system, etc.

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