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Are Prepainted Steel Coil and Cold-rolled Steel Coil the Same Type?

1. The prepainted steel coil

The prepainted steel coil is a product based on the cold-rolled steel coil and galvanized steel coils, through surface treatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), brush continuous coating (roll coating), baking and cooling. The coated steel coil is lightweight, beautiful, and have good anti-corrosion properties. It can be processed directly and provide new raw materials for construction, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture, and electrical appliances. Using steel as logs has a good effect such as efficient construction, energy saving, pollution prevention.

2. Are prepainted steel coil and cold-rolled steel coil the same type?

The substrates of prepainted steel coils are cold-rolled substrates, hot-dip galvanized substrates and electro-galvanized substrates. Coating types can be divided into PET, organic Silicone modification PET, polyvinyl alcohol, and plastisol. The surface condition of prepainted steel coils can be divided into coated plates, ceilings, printing plates, etc. Prepainted steel coils are widely used in construction appliances and transportation, etc. The construction industry is mainly used in steel structure factories, airports, warehouses, refrigeration and other industries. And in the commercial buildings is used in roof walls and doors, etc. Civil buildings rarely use color-coated panels. The prepainted steel coil differs from plastic steel in that the material composition is different.

Prepainted steel coil coating is the product that applies coating after the cold-rolled steel coil, galvanized steel plate surface through chemical treatment or bakes and hardens after organic film (PVC film, etc.) composite. Therefore, color-coated sheets and cold-rolled sheets are two different materials. Cold-rolled coils can be the substrate of prepainted steel coils, but most of the prepainted steel coils are galvanized coils. The color coated steel coil produced by the cold-linked board substrate can generally only be used to manufacture the side panels of the refrigerator.

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3. The advantages of prepainted steel coils

The coating of the prepainted steel coil increases protection and decoration, the color lasts for a long time, and is not easy to fade. According to the variety of the color-coated steel plate, can increase the variety of colors and surface structures of embossing and printing. The price of existing steel coils is lower than prepainted steel coils, but because of the need for decorative protection procedures after shaping, it has a considerable advantage in the performance ratio of prepainted steel coils. Compared with the existing steel plate, the prepainted steel coil has the advantages of convenient installation, fast construction speed, strong connectivity, unlimited construction season, and no secondary modification. In order to obtain decorative effects such as prepainted steel plates, traditional steel coils must be coated. Therefore, the construction speed of prepainted steel coils is relatively fast.

Prepainted steel coils also have very beneficial advantages for construction and interior decoration, and can play a role in fire prevention. The surface of the coating can maintain gloss even in the state of high-temperature baking, and the surface color does not change. In terms of processing, high-quality prepainted steel coils have the phenomenon that the surface coating does not peel off after baking or stamping, which is more uniform, stable and ideal than spraying monomer on the surface of the formed metal. In terms of service time, prepainted steel coils are much more durable than traditional steel coils, and can keep their gloss indoors for more than 20 to 30 years without rusting.

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