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Basic Knowledge About Hot Dip Galvanized Steel and the Technology of Hot Dip Galv

Understanding of the hot dip galvanized steel

The hot-dip spun galvanised is a double-sided galvanized product, produced through a continuous process consisting of cleaning, annealing and coating. There are products of hot-dip spun galvanised that are available with a variety of qualities, including specifications with good forming characteristics and high strength, as well as various coating weights. By adding alloy to the zinc bath to minimize the flash, a uniform surface can be provided. Tempering rolling further improves the surface while locking in the mechanical properties and the required surface roughness. Through oiling or chemical treatment, the zinc surface can be temporarily protected from oxidation or white rust. The hot-dip spun galvanised products have a somewhat shiny "zinc-coloured" appearance.

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The technology of hot dip galv

The technology of galvanized hot dipped steel forms a beautiful thick zinc layer on the steel component, making it more resistant to corrosion. The technology of hot-dip galv is divided into three steps: surface treatment, galvanizing and inspection.

(1) Surface preparation steps for hot dip spun galvanised. To ensure a good bond between the base material and the zinc coating, there are three cleaning steps: degreasing, pickling and scaling powder. Once the grease and oil residues are removed, the pickling agent will remove scale and iron oxide, and flux the metal to remove any remaining oxides, and then apply a protective layer on the steel so that no additional oxidation occurs before galvanizing.

(2) The galvanizing step of hot dip galv. The steel component is immersed in the molten (830 F) zinc at an angle to allow the zinc to flow in, flow-through, and pass through the entire piece. The iron in the steel reacts metallurgically with zinc and reacts with a series of zinc-iron intermetallic compound layers and pure zinc outer layers.

(3) The last step of hot-dip galv: inspection. Finally, check the coating quality and thickness requirements of the new galvanized metal.

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