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  • What Will Affect the Quality of Prepainted Steel Sheet? How to Choose Prepainted Steel Sheet? 19 2021 12 1. Skills of selecting prepainted steel sheetPrepainted steel sheet is galvanized steel plate (hot dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing). After surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatme... DETAILS
  • Notice of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Plate in Construction Site 07 2021 12 1. About prepainted galvanized steel sheetPrepainted galvanized steel sheet is a cost-effective and durable product. In many applications, the correct selection of paint systems (pretreatment, primer ... DETAILS
  • Why is Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet So Popular? 15 2021 11 Metal buildings account for almost half of low-rise non-residential buildings, in which a large number of roofs and wallboards use pre coated prepainted galvanized steel sheet. Through correct selecti... DETAILS
  • The Difference Between Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheets and Cold Rolled Steels 03 2021 11 All steel plate and pipe products contain two basic elements of carbon and iron, and there may be some composition differences and different manufacturing processes. Hot dip galvanized steel sheet and... DETAILS
  • What Should Be Noticed when Buying Prepainted Steel Coil? 25 2021 10 Prepainted steel plate is currently attracting more and more attention from relevant people in enterprises, because prepainted steel plate is widely used and has no pollution, prepainted steel plate a... DETAILS
  • Are Prepainted Steel Coil and Cold-rolled Steel Coil the Same Type? 18 2021 10 1. The prepainted steel coilThe prepainted steel coil is a product based on the cold-rolled steel coil and galvanized steel coils, through surface treatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion ... DETAILS
  • How to Choose the Gloss Thickness of the Coating of Prepainted Steel Coils? 11 2021 10 1. How to choose prepainted steel coilsPrepainted steel coils are green and environmentally-friendly building materials. How to choose correctly, use them rationally, and increase the service life is ... DETAILS
  • What is Galvalume Steel Sheet? 04 2021 10 What is galvalume steel sheet:Hot dip galvanized steel has been widely used in construction, home appliances and other major industries since its introduction. Due to the continuous expansion of the s... DETAILS
  • Why Choose the Hot Dip Galv for Farm Structures? 22 2021 09 For more than one hundred years, agricultural steel structures have been protected by the hot dip galv. In the past, galvanized objects were mainly small items such as buckets, watering cans, and feed... DETAILS
  • Basic Knowledge About Hot Dip Galvanized Steel and the Technology of Hot Dip Galv 15 2021 09 1. Understanding of the hot dip galvanized steelThe hot dip spun galvanised is a double-sided galvanized product, produced through a continuous process consisting of cleaning, annealing and coating. T... DETAILS
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