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Characteristics and Application of Pre-painted Steel Sheet in Computer Room

In today's society, the application of color-coated steel plates has been very extensive. Do you know about color-coated steel plates? Let me introduce to you next.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of color-coated steel plate

1. The color-coated steel plate in the computer room is composed of 0.6mm hot-dip galvanized steel plate and 12mm fire-resistant gypsum interior panel. The topcoat of the color coated steel plate in the computer room is a hardened multi-polyester coating. The coating itself contains conductive components. By increasing the conductivity coefficient, static load is reduced;

Using electrostatic paint spraying process, the surface is smooth and delicate, no dust accumulation, simple maintenance, and greatly guarantees the cleanliness requirements of the machine room.

2. The color-coated steel plate of the computer room conforms to the first-class fire protection standard of the national standard, which can fully meet the fire protection requirements of the construction and decoration of the computer room.

3. The surface of the color-coated steel plate in the computer room is painted steel plate, which is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, acid and alkali resistance, and anti-static. The sound insulation rate can reach 45dB at 500Hz (generally, the noise generated by 500Hz is 118dB).

4. The color-coated steel plate in the computer room has high porosity, all of which are fine capillary pores, the thermal conductivity is generally 0.121~0.205w/(m.k)], the heat capacity is large, and the hygroscopicity is strong, so it can play a certain role in regulating the indoor temperature.

5. The color-coated steel plate partition system in the computer room meets the requirements of CNS12514-5Kg drop hammer impact test, and has strong impact resistance.

6. The installation period of the color-coated steel plate in the computer room is short, and the site is clean, which saves valuable construction time for the entire project. The color-coated steel plate in the computer room can be disassembled and restored, which can be easily assembled and disassembled, and is very convenient for maintenance of water and electricity, line transformation, etc.

7. The wall of the color-coated steel plate in the computer room can be perforated arbitrarily, which is very convenient for the installation of control switches, power sockets and other devices, and no additional processing is required. The color of the surface is soft, and it forms a unified and harmonious whole with the floor and ceiling, which makes the whole space have a modern atmosphere.

Ⅱ. Application places of color-coated steel plates

1. Office buildings: national ministries and commissions; government agencies; computer centers of financial institutions such as banks, insurance, and securities; in office buildings.

2. Public space: hospitals; schools; scientific research institutes; civil aviation, subway and other transportation stations.

3. Industrial buildings: standardized industrial plants; food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other plants; laboratories or R&D centers.

4. Commercial space: convention and exhibition center; sports venues; color-coated steel plates are used in star-rated hotels.

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