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Color Aluminum Coil Advantages and Manufacturing Technology

Colored aluminum coil products have been widely used in high-end buildings and some public places for indoor and outdoor decoration, building decoration, and furniture manufacturing due to their strong decoration, flatness, smoothness, stability, and shiny appearance. Many customers love colored aluminum coils.

Ⅰ. The advantages of colored aluminum coils

With the mature development of color aluminum coil products, its functions and applicable fields have been continuously explored and gradually reflect higher and higher commercial values. Although pre painted galvalume steel coils are processed materials, high pressure will not affect them during secondary processing. Even if they are cut using shearing methods, they will not be deformed. Customers can process and produce. When choosing different patterns and patterns according to your own needs, almost any kind of decoration can be easily completed. Whether used to design painted wood grain or stone grain, it will have a genuine sense of materiality. Its vivid natural beauty makes color aluminum panels have unique advantages in decorating and displaying commercial chains, exhibitions, and advertisements.

A colored aluminum coil is an environmentally friendly material that is promoted to be used, and its anti-corrosion performance is outstanding. Even in a humid environment, there will be no rust. These characteristics are pretty tempting for the planning and selecting of building materials and some related industries. Color aluminum coils have more complicated processes, such as roller coating. Therefore, the price of color aluminum coils is related to the type of fluorocarbon or polyester and closely related to factors such as paint color, paint quality, and paint thickness.

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Ⅱ. The manufacturing process of colored aluminum coils

During the production of colored aluminum coils, the raw aluminum coils will be sent to the processing line at the entrance section. A leveller first levels them to ensure that the products have excellent flatness (when pre-processing, the aluminum coils are sprayed. Repeated cleaning of the shower can ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the product). After that, the aluminium coil will enter the storage rack. The storage rack is generally equipped with two reels, one of which is always in a standby state, ensuring the continuity of the production line. Immediately afterwards, the storage rack will be emptied, and the production line will continue to run, driving the subsequent procedures. Generally speaking, the production process of the entire color aluminum coil includes cleaning, chromizing, and roller coating(the coating can be divided into three types: single coating, double coating, and triple coating according to the process method), baking, and other processing.

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