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Do You Know Colored Aluminum Coil?

1. About the colored aluminum coil

Colored aluminum coil refers to the product after coloring the outer coating of aluminum coil or aluminum plate. Common color aluminum coils are fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil (PVDF) and polyester color coated aluminum coil (PE). Polyester resin of aluminum coil (PE) contains a polymer of specific bonds in the main chain, with the addition of alkyd resin. According to the luminosity, it can be divided into matte and high-gloss series. It can give the product a good degree of pollution and resistance, as well as a good cleansing and smooth texture, making the product more beautiful and beautiful. At the same time, the coating of polyester color aluminum can wrap the external roller blinds, blow the shower, and be durable. Colored aluminum coil is a product that has been coated with multiple layers of organic coatings on the surface after chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment, and then cured by baking. Colored aluminum coils are widely used, but suitable products need to be selected according to different environments and uses.

2. Colored aluminum coils in different environments

In order to better use the color aluminum coil, we must clean it in time to ensure its cleanliness and hygiene, prolong its service life and increase its aesthetics. The characteristics of the colored aluminum coil may cause oxide scale, rust layer and other dirt on the surface of the color steel plate during use. Customers can choose according to the application, and the coating can choose different resins according to the use environment, such as polyvinyl chloride plastisol, polyvinylidene chloride. Colored aluminum coils have light weight, beautiful appearance and good anti-corrosion properties. They are mainly used in advertising, construction, home appliances, electric power, furniture and transportation industries, and can be directly processed.

The chemical structure of the fluorine-based material in the fluorocarbon-coated colored aluminum coil is bonded by fluorine/carbon alone, and the performance is more stable. The product has good abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Especially in climatic and inclement weather, it is durable against fading and anti-horizontal reflection, so carbon compound-colored aluminum has weather resistance and wider applicability than polyester-colored aluminum. Colored aluminum coils have uniform and long-lasting color. Its color is uniform, delicate, soft and bright, avoiding the individual color difference phenomenon of traditional spraying. No matter how big the ceiling is, its color is always the same, and it will last forever.

With the maturity of colored aluminum coil products, color aluminum coils are usually used for indoor and outdoor in high-end buildings: coating of aluminum materials. It is also common in indoor and outdoor decoration in certain public places, as well as in construction and furniture manufacturing. Colored aluminum coils are very suitable for the decoration and display of indoor and outdoor decoration in public places, commercial chains, exhibition advertisements and other places.

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