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Factors Influencing the Price of Color-coated Steel Coils

The main factors affecting the price of color-coated steel coils are raw material (base steel) and zinc layer thickness, coating thickness, coating grade, steel coil thickness and packaging method.

1. Thickness of color-coated steel coil substrate

The thinner the color-coated steel coil, the higher the price. For example, the price of 0.13-0.16mm is relatively high, the price of 0.3-0.45mm has little change, and the price of 0.45-0.7 is basically the same. Because the thinner the color-coated steel coil, the more meters per ton of steel coil and the larger the area. It will use more paint and take longer to process.

2. Thickness of zinc layer of color-coated steel coil

The color coated steel coil price depends on the different thickness of the zinc layer. For example, the price of 20 grams of zinc layer and 50 grams of zinc layer is very different. If the customer has no requirements for the zinc layer, it is recommended to choose a steel coil with a zinc layer of about 30 grams. However, the price of color coating is also affected by aluminum content, and the price of color coating with 25% and 55% aluminum content is quite different. If the customer's environment is normal, the color-coated steel coil with an aluminum content of about 25% can be selected. If used in humid, outdoor and year-round tropical climates, it is recommended to choose a color coating with a higher aluminum and zinc content.

3. Paint thickness of color-coated steel coil

Color-coated steel coils like prepainted galvalume steel coil are available in single-sided color-coated and double-sided color-coated coils. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the single-sided color-coated topcoat is 11-30um, and the thickness of the backcoat is 5-10um. The thickness of the double-painted color-coated topcoat is 11-30um, and the backcoat is also 11-30um. The price of single-sided color coating is lower than that of double-layer color coating. Customers need to choose the appropriate color coating according to the application and environment.

4. Types and brands of coatings

The type and brand of coatings also have an impact on the price of color-coated steel coils: coatings are mainly divided into: PE polyester color plate, PVDF fluorocarbon color plate, HDP high weather resistance color plate and SMP silicon calcium color-coated steel plate. PE coatings are used the most, and the price advantage is relatively large. PVDF coatings, HDP coatings and SMP coatings have a longer service life than PE coatings, but are more expensive. Customers also need to choose the paint brand according to the use place and environment of the color paint.

5. Packaging of color-coated steel coils

The packaging of color-coated steel coils includes simple packaging, standard export packaging and special packaging. Simple packaging, suitable for short-distance transportation, the outer layer is protected by waterproof kraft paper, the protection performance is simple, and the price is low. The standard export packaging is waterproof kraft paper and galvanized iron packaging. The outside of the coil is also protected with galvanized iron. Used in long-distance transport and in containers, reinforced with steel wires. It can better protect the surface of the color-coated steel coil, and its waterproof effect is better. This type of packaging is the most widely used.

Special packaging includes vertical packaging or customer request packaging. This packaging method can calculate the price according to the packaging cost. Vertical packaging is the roll core up and the bottom fixed on a wooden pallet. This packaging method maximizes the protection of the steel coil from external forces, but the packaging cost and labor cost are high.

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