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How Do We Choose the Right Color Steel Coil?

Color steel coil is actually a composite material, usually we also call it color coated sheet. At present, there are many coating materials for color steel plates on the market, and each has its own merits. So how do we choose the right color-coated sheet? Let the color steel coil factory introduce it to you here!

1. HDP high weathering polyester color steel coil

The high-weather-resistant polyester resin uses monomers containing cyclohexane structure to achieve the balance of flexibility, weather resistance and cost of the resin, and uses non-aromatic polyols and polyacids to reduce the absorption of UV light by the resin, to achieve high weather resistance of the coating. Adding UV absorbers and sterically hindered amines to the paint formulation improves the weather resistance of the paint film. The high-weather-resistant polyester color steel coil coating has been recognized by the market abroad, and the cost performance ratio of the coating is very outstanding.

2. SMP silicon modified polyester color steel coil

Since polyester is easy to react with other polymer compounds, in order to improve the sunlight resistance and pulverization of PE, the resin with excellent color retention and heat resistance is used for denaturation reaction, and the denaturation ratio of PE is between 5% and 50%. %, its anti-corrosion life can be as long as 10-12 years, of course, its price is higher than that of PE, but because the adhesion of resin to the material and the formability of processing are not ideal, so the color-coated steel plate is not suitable for demand. In the case of multiple forming processes, most of them are used for building roofs and exterior walls.

3. PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride color steel coil

Due to the strong bond energy between the chemical bond and the chemical bond of PVDF, the coating has very good corrosion resistance and color retention. It is a high-end product in the color-coated steel plate coating for the construction industry, and the molecular weight is large and straight. Bond structure, so in addition to chemical resistance, mechanical properties, UV resistance and heat resistance are also outstanding. Under normal circumstances, its anti-corrosion life can be as long as 20 to 25 years.

4. Functional color steel coil

At present, there are still many functional color steel coils, such as antibacterial color coating, antistatic color coating, thermal insulation color coating, self-cleaning color plate, etc. These products are developed to meet the special needs of users, but sometimes other properties of color-coated products cannot be taken into account. Therefore, users must clarify their real needs when choosing functional color-coated steel sheets.

5. Color steel coil primer

For the choice of primer, there are two important factors, one is to consider the adhesion of the primer and topcoat and the substrate, and the other is that the primer provides most of the corrosion resistance of the coating. From this point of view, epoxy resin is the obvious choice. If you consider flexibility and UV resistance, you can also choose a polyurethane primer.

As a professional color steel coil factory in China, East Steel has different kinds of prepainted steel coil for sale, including painted aluminium coil, wood grain steel sheet, camouflage steel sheet, etc. If you want to find a realiable color steel coil supplier, we are your perfect choice. Welcome to contact us!

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