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How to Choose the Gloss Thickness of the Coating of Prepainted Steel Coils?

How to choose prepainted steel coils?

Prepainted steel coils are green and environmentally-friendly building materials. How to choose correctly, using them rationally, and increase the service life is the most concerning issue for proprietors and engineering builders. The correct selection of prepainted steel coils should consider the natural environment, use environment, design years, and structural characteristics of the building, and choose suited steel grade, specifications, plating and coating to match them. Architects, project proprietors and processors consider the safety performance of the building (impact resistance, earthquake resistance, fire resistance, wind pressure resistance, snow resistance), residential performance (waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation), durability performance(pollution resistance, durability, appearance retention), economy (low cost, easy processing, easy maintenance, easy replacement), etc.

The performance requirements of prepainted steel coils mainly include the mechanical properties of the material (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation), plating performance (plating type, plating thickness and plating adhesion) and coating performance (coating type, color, gloss, durability, processability, etc.). Among them, wind resistance, impact resistance, snow resistance, earthquake resistance are all related to the mechanical properties of the material. Of course, it is also related to the wave shape of the color profiled steel plate, the thickness of the steel plate, the span, and the purlin distance. Choose the appropriate prepainted steel plate and then cooperate with the appropriate profiled steel plate design, it can not only meet the safety factor of the building but also reduce the project cost. The pre painted galvanized steel sheet price of East Steel is reasonable that can help save your cost. The durability, processing performance and appearance retention of the material are mostly determined by the durability of the coating and plating.

Selection of coating gloss and thickness of prepainted steel coil

The degree of gloss is not an index of the coating performance, it is just a characterization like the color. In fact, the paint is easier to achieve high gloss. However, the high-gloss surface is dazzling, and the high reflectivity of the sun during the day will cause light pollution. In addition, the high-gloss surface of normal color steel coil has a low coefficient of friction and is easy to slip, which may cause safety hazards during roof construction; The first thing of prepainted steel plates becoming ageing when used outdoors is the loss of gloss. If repairs are required, the old and new steel plates are easily distinguished, resulting in poor appearance; if the back paint is high-gloss, it is easy to produce halos when there are lights in the room, which will cause visual fatigue. Therefore, under normal circumstances, prepainted steel sheets for construction use medium and low gloss.

The thickness selection of prepainted steel coil coating: from a microscopic point of view, the coating is a porous structure. Water and corrosive media in the air will invade through the weak part of the coating, causing corrosion under the film, and then the coating will bubble and peel off. In addition, even with the same coating thickness, the secondary coating is denser than the primary coating. PVDF products require a thicker coating film because they need to provide a longer service life guarantee. The requirements for the backside coating depend on the application, and the sandwich panel only requires a coat of bondable primer. Because of the corrosive indoor environment, the formed steel plate is also required to be coated with two coats with a thickness of at least 10μm.

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