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How to Judge the Quality of Color Coated Steel Coil?

Color-coated steel coil is also called color-coated coil or color-coated steel plate in our daily life. It is a strip steel whose surface is continuously degreased on the production line. , and then the strip steel coated with organic paint is baked at high temperature. Generally speaking, the surface of this kind of steel plate has a relatively bright color. We also call this kind of steel plate color-coated steel and color-coated plate.

1. Observe the thickness of the color-coated steel coil and the thickness of the coating

Color-coated steel is composed of a substrate and a colored coating or coating. We must first consider the thickness of the substrate and the coating layer. A better color-coated steel substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, and the thickness of the coating or coating is often only 0.15mm or less. Because the thickness of the substrate is very important from the perspective of affecting the use time of color-coated steel. However, some manufacturers of color-coated steel often do tricks on the substrate and color-coated steel coating or film. They reduce the thickness of the substrate, but increase the thickness of the film to reduce the production cost of color prepainted steel coils, which greatly reduces the cost of color-coated steel. The service life of color-coated steel is over.

2. Observe the leakage edge of the color-coated steel coil

Get a piece of color-coated steel, and first observe whether the exposed steel of the color-coated steel, such as the section, is finely crystalline, and whether it is gray, dark, or impurity. If the cut surface is a fine crystal, the quality is relatively superior.

3. Listen to the sound to judge the quality of the color-coated steel coil

Tap the color-coated steel with your fingers or hard objects. If the color-coated steel is of poor material, the sound will be dull and the metal sound is not obvious. The color-coated steel with better material will have a louder and crisper sound.

4. Check the quality certificate of the color-coated steel coil

Whether there are inspection standards of relevant departments. If possible, try to visit the manufacturer of the color-coated steel on the spot. See how the business environment is, whether it is formal or not. Find out what the reputation of this company is like in the market.

5. Look at the price to judge the quality of the color-coated steel coil

Everything is worth every penny. When we compare the quality of color-coated steel, color coated steel coil price is one aspect, but don't pay too much attention to price. If the price of one color-coated steel is much lower than the other, then we need to pay attention.

For the use of color-coated steel coils, we have to choose different types of color-coated steel coils to manufacture different products. Here, we have to briefly introduce the types of color-coated steel coils. They are divided into five categories, namely home appliances. Of course, the production requirements of this type of color steel coil are relatively much higher.

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