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How to Prevent Color Steel Coil from Aging?

1. The processing technology of color steel coil

Prepainted steel coils use high-quality substrates. No matter which printing process is selected, the technical standards for substrates are getting higher and higher. Most steel-based color steel coils require flat spangles, zero-spangle hot-dip galvanized steel coils or phosphating steel coils. In recent years, there has been a trend of increasing use of hot-dip galvanized aluminum Galfan, aluminum-zinc Galvalume and other alloy coated steel plates as substrates; The film-coated color steel coil uses cold rolled coil as the substrate, and some high-end products also use stainless steel as the substrate. No matter what kind of substrate is used, there are high requirements on its surface, shape and dimensional accuracy.

East Steel, a professional galvanized steel coil supplier, will help you understand the processing principles of color steel coils. If you want to know more information about the color coated steel coil price, please let us know. By understanding the manufacturing of color steel coils, you must know color steel coils will gradually age under wind and sun, which will shorten their service life. How should we prevent color steel coils from ageing?

2. How to prevent color steel coil from aging?

The prerequisite for the ageing or photochemical reaction of the color steel coil is that the surface composition of the color steel coil can digest and absorb radiation; secondly, when the radiation energy digested and absorbed by molecular structure exceeds the bond energy of the molecular structure, the coating of color steel coil can dissolve.

Because the shorter the wavelength of the light source, the more kinetic energy it contains. According to this basic theory, the embrittlement of color steel coils caused by atmospheric pollution is that the molecular structure of the coating absorbs the kinetic energy of the ultraviolet band that is higher than the bond energy of the molecular structure in natural light, causing the molecular structure of the coating to dissolve. With the ageing of the polyurethane coating, the base material itself is gradually lost, and the surface of the coating gradually becomes matte and loses its gloss. This kind of lack of substrate finally leaves a relatively stable color paste object, which is left on the surface of the polyurethane coating in an unbonded powder form. This whole process is called delamination.

In general, polyester color steel coils with different coating thicknesses have great differences in anti-ageing properties. The anti-ageing ability of thin-coated color steel coils is weak, and the anti-ageing properties of color steel coils with normal coating thickness are relatively good.

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