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How to Store Prepainted Steel Coil/sheet?

Ⅰ. Prepainted steel coil need to be stored properly

Although the prepainted steel coil is protected by coatings on the surface if it is stored in a humid environment for a long time, the moisture stored on the surface will slowly penetrate the surface coating, resulting in corrosion of the zinc layer under the coating film, so it is still very important to pay attention to the environment during storage. If the prepainted steel coil is not stored well, it may cause damage. What are the requirements for the storage environment of prepainted steel coils? How to avoid accidents with prepainted steel coils?

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Ⅱ. How to store prepainted steel coil?

1. It should not be soaked by water and stored indoors in a clean environment, and should not be stacked in the open air to prevent the corrosion of various corrosive media.

2. The floor of the storage site should be flat, free of hard objects with sufficient load-bearing capacity.

3. When it is temporarily stored outdoors, there must be square sleepers underneath as stows, and attention should be paid to good ventilation and flat ground. To prevent warping, the product should be covered with a rain-proof cloth to protect the prepainted steel coil from direct sunlight and rain.

4. In order to avoid crushing, color coated steel coil is generally stored without stacking, and the number of stacking layers should be strictly limited.

5. Do not place prepainted steel coil in sandy and dusty places which will fail to keep the coating surface dry and become the source of corrosion.

6. The mechanical properties of color-coated steel coil and some coating properties such as pencil hardness, T-bend value, impact energy value, etc. may change with the extension of storage time, so it is recommended that users process and use them as soon as possible.

7. Sufficient space should be left in the storage site for lifting equipment.

8. Reasonable arrangements should be made for the storage location of steel plates and steel coils for easy access, so unnecessary movements should be minimized as much as possible.

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