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Processing Technologies of Prepainted Steel Coil

Ⅰ.  What is the prepainted steel coil?

With the development of the times, the application fields of prepainted steel coil have become more and more extensive, mainly used in home appliances, building structures, automobiles, etc. Builders use prepainted steel coil to make their work fast and convenient. The prepainted steel coil is an attractive substitute for wood and other materials because it has the advantages of preventing fading, weather resistance, and chalking resistance. The prepainted steel coil reduces the maintenance cost of the building. At the same time, a variety of colours, surface structures and coatings make it more flexible and optional. How much do you know about the processing technology of prepainted steel coil?

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Ⅱ. Processing technologies of prepainted steel coil

1. Roller coating method: Roller coating method for prepainted steel coil is a more widely used process method. The roller coating unit is divided into various types such as one-coating and one-baking, two-coating and two-baking, and three-coating and three-baking to meet the requirements of different coating thicknesses. Among them, there are many two-coating and two-baking units.

Prepainted steel coil roll coating production is based on cold-rolled steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets as substrates. After multi-level degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion (passivation, phosphating) and other surface pretreatments, the dried strip enters the coating room for continuous preliminary coating, fine coating, and baking to completely volatilize the solvent in the wet film, and the coating is finished after cooling and solidification.

2. Filming method: The prepainted steel coil is produced by the filming method. After pretreatment, the back paint is applied to the lower surface of the strip, and then the PVC plastic film is pasted on the upper surface of the substrate with a thermosetting adhesive, and then cooled and flattened. This method will look good in appearance with the functions of fire resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and its fire resistance and pollution resistance are excellent, but the price is higher, and it is mainly used in home appliances, interior decoration, etc.

3. Powder coating method: The pretreatment of the powder coating method is similar to that of the traditional roller coating method. After that, a powder adhesive is applied to the outer surface of the substrate, and the dry film is formed by induction heating. After cooling, it passes through the powder coating device installed in the box. Under the action of the electrostatic field, the powder cloud particles formed by the powder rotating brush are uniformly deposited on the surface of the strip. The powder coating method has a wide application range. It is worth mentioning that there is no solvent in the coating, and it is an environmentally friendly and safe process. 

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