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Big Spangle Galvanized Steel

Normal zinc spangle (commonly known as ordinary zinc spangle, large zinc spangle) hot-dip galvanised steel coil is the basic variety of hot-dip galvanized steel strip (plate). It is a kind of coating plate with obvious zinc spangle morphology, which is formed by the free growth of zinc grains in the normal solidification process after hot-dip galvanizing under the condition of antimony or lead in liquid zinc. 

The regular spangle galvanized steel with zinc is mainly used in the way of bare. The appearance difference between the galvanized steel coil with zinc spangle and the galvanized coil without zinc spangle is only an apparent difference, but there is no quality difference. 

  • Large Spangle Galvanized Sheet
  • Large Spangle Galvanized Sheet

Advantages Of Big Spangle Hot-dip Galvanized Steel

  • Basic Functions of ICU Hospital Beds

    More selectivity:

    Thickness from 0.4mm to 6.0mm, width from 1000mm to 1800mm. Zinc layer from 30g to 270g, material classification dx51d + Z series, SGCC series, CSA series, sgh340 series, sgc340 series, ss33 series, and other common and special materials.

  • Basic Functions of ICU Hospital Beds

    Fixed binding time is short:

    The special materials, zinc layer, and special-shaped specifications of fixed binding can be delivered within the specified time, providing the source of goods for your engineering and production.

  • Basic Functions of ICU Hospital Beds

    Cost performance discount:

    The company has a large scale of operation, a large preferential range of steel factory purchases, low cost of goods, cost optimization of logistics links such as hoisting, processing, warehousing, and transportation, and galvanized steel coil prices are competitive.

  • Basic Functions of ICU Hospital Beds

    Complete service links:

    Processing and distribution company provides fine processing to hot dip galvanized steel sheet, slitting, leveling into any specifications you need to complete the service link from hoisting, processing to distribution.

  • Basic Functions of ICU Hospital Beds

    After sales service:

    Professional quality inspection team

Application Of Large Spangle Galvanized Sheet

Construction industry of East Steel's regular spangle galvanized steel: light steel keel, corrugated board, ventilation pipe, floor bearing board, activity room, plant roof and body, municipal engineering fence.

Video Of Large Spangle Hot-dip Galvanized Steel


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