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At present, prime hot dipped galvanized steel coils (gi steel sheet coil) is more and more popular. To get hot dip galvanized prepainted steel coil, severel process needs to be done. In order to prevent corrosion and prolong service life of prime hot dipped galvanized steel coils, steel plate is coated with a layer of metal zinc, which is called a galvanized plate. Hot dip galvanization of hot dipped galvanized sheet metal(hdg steel)is the reaction of molten metal with an iron substrate to produce an alloy layer, thereby combining the substrate and the plating layer. Hot-dip galvanizing is to pickle iron and steel parts first. In order to remove iron oxide on the surface of iron and steel parts, after pickling, after pickling hot dipped galvanized steel sheet in coils. Due to the different treatment methods in the coating process, the surface state of the galvanized hot dipped steel sheet is also different, such as ordinary zinc flower, fine zinc flower, flat zinc flower, no zinc flower, etc. The pre coated gi sheet price is generally higher than the price of gi sheet, so is products of hot dip galvanized prepainted steel coil.

Types Of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel (GI)

Specifications of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel (GI)


Hot-dip Galvanized Steel (GI)





Coil weight


Material grade



Normal spangle, large spangle, small spangle, zero spangle


Corresponding instruments

Zinc coated



Covered with waterproof paper, strapped by strips or as customers' requirement

Application Of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel

Hdg hot dip galvanized steel products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, commerce, and other industries. 

Difference Between Hot Dip Galvanized Steel and Galvanized Steel

Hot-dip galvanizing, also known as hot-dip galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing, is an effective metal anti-corrosion method, which is mainly used in metal structure facilities of various industries. It is to immerse the steel parts after rust removal into the molten zinc at about 500 ℃ to make the surface of steel members adhere zinc layer, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

Electro galvanizing, also known as cold galvanizing in the industry, is the process of forming a uniform, dense and well-bonded metal or alloy deposition layer on the surface of parts by electrolysis. Compared with other metals, zinc is relatively cheap and easy to be plated. It is a low-value anti-corrosion electrodeposition. It is widely used to protect iron and steel parts, especially to prevent atmospheric corrosion, and for decoration.

Generally, the galvanized steel coil prices is different between hot dip galvanized steel and electro galvanizing, the price of hot-dip galvanizing is higher.

Hot-dip galvanizing process: finished product Pickling - water washing - adding auxiliary plating solution - drying - hanging plating - cooling - medicated chemical - Cleaning - grinding - hot-dip galvanizing.

Process flow of electro galvanizing: chemical degreasing - hot water washing - water washing - electrolytic degreasing - hot water washing - water washing - strong corrosion - water washing - electro galvanizing ferroalloy - water washing - water washing - Lighting - passivation - water washing - drying.

Dipping for a certain period of time can be put forward, which is hot-dip galvanizing. Owing to different techniques applied in proccess, hot hot dip galvanized steel can be produced with unequal spangle. Among which the regular spangle galvanized steel is the most common one.

There are many processes for hot-dip galvanizing, which can only be immersed in the molten zinc bath after oil removal, pickling, dipping, drying, and other processes. Dipping for a certain period of time can be put forward, which is hot-dip galvanizing. For example, some hot-dip galvanized pipe fittings are processed in this way.

Electro galvanizing is processed by electrolytic equipment. After degreasing, pickling, and other processes, it is immersed in the solution containing zinc salt, connected with the electrolytic equipment, and precipitated zinc layer on the workpiece during the directional movement of positive and negative current.

The overall appearance of hot-dip galvanizing is a little rough, which will produce process water lines, droppings and another performance, especially one end of the workpiece is obvious, and the whole is silver-white. And the surface of galvanizing is smooth, mainly yellow-green, of course, there are colorful, cyan white, white, green light and other performance, the whole workpiece basically will not appear zinc tumor, caking and other phenomena.


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