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Reasons for Uneven Installation of Color-coated Steel Plates and Methods to Eliminate Shrinkage Holes

Ⅰ. What are the reasons for uneven installation of color-coated steel plates?

It is very important to install the color-coated steel plate in place during use. If the installation is uneven, the quality of the project will be affected and hidden dangers will be buried for future construction.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the installation is stable and in place during installation to ensure the firmness of the board. Let's analyze the reasons for uneven installation.

1. Poor mechanical properties can lead to arching.

2. If the purlin spacing is too large, it is easy to produce irregular deflections for color-coated steel sheets with poor mechanical properties.

3. After various erosions, the surface of the color prepainted steel coils becomes uneven.

4. The joints are poorly connected, causing the plate to be displaced and deformed after being stressed.

5. It is easy to deform in the case of climate change.

In fact, there are many reasons for this phenomenon. Basically, it is caused by the incorrect force point of the plate itself. Therefore, we must not only choose qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, but also ensure that we find the focus point during installation, so as to ensure a firm installation.

Ⅱ. The method of eliminating shrinkage cavity of color-coated steel plate

Color-coated steel plate is an organic coating applied to the surface of steel. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, bright color, high strength, good corrosion resistance, convenient processing and forming, etc., and it can also reduce costs and reduce pollution for users.

The production of color-coated steel plate provides a new type of material for construction, home appliances, electrical, vehicle and other industries, with many colors and complete specifications.

However, there are often some shrinkage cavities in the production of color-coated steel plates, which have a certain impact on the color-coated steel plate products. The following will introduce how to solve this problem.

The methods for eliminating shrinkage cavities of color-coated steel plates can mainly refer to the following three:

1. The curing time of the coating should be much longer than the leveling time;

2. The leveling time should be greater than the defoaming time;

3. Control the surface tension of the color-coated steel plate coating, so that the surface tension of the coating is less than the surface tension of the substrate, or even less than the surface tension of some basic pollutants.

Master the above three production skills, then the shrinkage problem of the color-coated steel plate can be better improved. In addition, we must pay attention to the details of various aspects in production, such as the environment, production process, etc. 

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