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Reasons That Affect the Price of Colour-coated Steel Coils and Paint Explosions

Ⅰ. What are the reasons that affect the price of color-coated steel coils?

To choose the right color-coated steel coil, in addition to paying attention to the price of the color-coated steel coil, the most important thing is to pay attention to the product quality of the manufacturer. Today, we will introduce the factors that affect the price of color-coated steel coils.

First of all, the main reason that affects the price of color-coated steel coils must be the problem of raw materials. The quality of color-coated steel coils has a huge relationship with the anti-corrosion layer (galvanized aluminum layer), paint and production process.

The quality of the color-coated steel coils produced by different manufacturers is different, and the service life is also different, which is why the price of the color-coated steel coils that look the same is the same.

The processing method will also affect the price of the color-coated steel coil: firstly, due to the different processing, construction and installation methods, the types of color-coated steel coils used on site are also different; secondly, the processing methods and layouts are different, resulting in the required color. The waterproof and anti-corrosion effect of coated steel coils is also different.

For example, some color-coated steel coils need to be drilled during installation. Although some waterproof materials can be used for treatment in the subsequent construction, if the treatment is not in place, or the waterproof materials are not qualified enough, there will still be water leakage problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to use color-coated steel coils such as the 470 type 360° vertical lock seam system, and this problem can be solved easily. Because of such problems, the prices of different types of roofing color-coated steel coils are also different.

The place of use affects the pre painted galvanized steel sheet price of the roof color-coated steel coil: There are many types of color-coated steel coils, mainly because they are specially designed for different regions, environments and uses.

The types of color-coated steel coils to be used in desert dry areas and coastal humid areas, acid-alkali-salt areas and ordinary areas, environments with heavy chemical corrosion and general environments must be different, so the price of color-coated steel coils for roofs is different. There will be a difference.

Ⅱ. What are the fundamental reasons for the explosion of paint on color-coated steel coils?

Color-coated boards have been applied to our lives, and there will be paint explosions during operation, part of the reason may be affected by the temperature.

As the temperature continues to drop, the prepainted color coated steel coil in many places have exploded paint. Today, we will learn about the reasons for the explosion of color-coated steel coils.

1. The production process of color-coated steel coil temperature requires inspection every two hours. The fundamental reason is that the staff did not track the temperature of the passivation plate in time.

Especially in winter, temperature changes are relatively large within 2 hours, which will eventually lead to extended color time, shaved in the shape of the screen.

2. During the production process of color-coated steel coils, the dust on the exit inspection mirror and the dust on the roller directly affect the surface quality of the pigments. These pigments may not appear for the first time, but will appear in the sun.

3. When grooving, add passivation solution first, and then add water. The relative density of the passivation solution exceeds the relative density of water, the raw materials are not uniform, and the adhesion between the passivation layer and the substrate is not good, making the current situation of the color coating surface very easy.

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