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The Influence of the Use Environment of Different Industries on the Application of Color-coated Steel Plates

1. The outer plate of color-coated steel plate

The use of color-coated steel plates in different industries is analyzed in two aspects. One is the outer plate of color-coated steel plates, which can be selected according to different regions under normal circumstances.

However, the influence of the small environment should also be considered, that is, whether there is a corrosive medium in the vicinity that falls on the building envelope, such as the gas emitted by the burning boiler, sulfur dioxide dust, etc.

This should consider the height of the chimney and the main local wind direction when designing the color-coated steel plate. In addition, there is also the sealing performance of the workshop, and there may be high temperature and high humidity in the workshop.

Corrosive gases come out and meet the cold air outdoors to condense on the color-coated steel plate. This phenomenon should be avoided, as it will accelerate the production of local corrosion.

2. The inner plate of color-coated steel plate

Considering the inner panel of the color-coated steel plate (double-layer composite steel plate) or the back paint (single-layer panel), it should be noted here that the inner panel of the roof is relatively easier to corrode than the inner panel of the wall.

If workers can work in this environment, it is possible to use prepainted color coated steel coils, but the quality of the indoor environment or the investment of environmental protection devices will directly affect the service life of color-coated steel plates.

Non-ferrous metal smelters (copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, etc.) are very challenging to the service life of color-coated steel plates, but reasonable selection of materials, design schemes, and environmental protection investment can ensure or improve the service life of color-coated steel plates.

10 years for replacement or maintenance can be done. Steel plants, power plants, etc. will also produce corrosive media, but color-coated steel plates have long-term use experience.

Mechanical manufacturing (automobiles, steam turbines, machine tools, etc.) basically does not have a negative impact on the corrosion of color-coated steel sheets.

However, it should be noted that there may be heat treatment furnaces, boilers, etc. in these industries, which will also affect the local environment. If the treatment is not good, it will cause corrosion of the color-coated steel plate, especially at the processing damage or trimming.

The warehousing and logistics industry is developing rapidly, and more light steel is used. It does not corrode the color-coated steel plate itself. The choice of color-coated steel plate mainly considers the impact of the environment.

Generally, such projects are concentrated in places with developed industries and heavy traffic, that is, industrial environments and coastal areas.

The beauty and durability of public and civil buildings are the primary considerations for color steel plates. Therefore, it is very important that the coating is resistant to discoloration, chalking, and the surface of the coating is complete and delicate.

Public and civil buildings attract many people and are close to each other. Therefore, PVDF or HDP are generally used for paint selection, and light-colored color-coated steel plates are often selected.

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