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Washing Process and Repairing Method of Pre-painted Steel Sheet

1. What is the washing process of pre-painted steel sheets?

In the production process of pre-painted steel sheets, a step called water washing is required, and its main purpose is to ensure that the products can be more beautiful.

At the same time, there is also the problem of checking for looseness or porosity defects, so it is necessary to carry out this step to prevent difficulties in subsequent use.

After alkali corrosion, a large amount of liquid film in the alkali corrosion tank will remain on the surface of the pre-painted steel sheet, which is called water washing after alkali corrosion in industrial production. The pre painted galvalume steel sheet after alkali corrosion is difficult to clean. First, we must ensure the technical accuracy of cleaning products.

For the first water tank, it is necessary to maintain proper water temperature and alkalinity, so there is no need to change the water. In order to maintain a better cleaning effect in the next two times, stir properly during the cleaning process. After many times of work, the reduction can be judged according to the workload waste of water.

Because the pre-painted steel sheet is widely used, it is necessary to ensure that the technological process meets the requirements during the production process, otherwise there will be no small problems in the subsequent use, and the use value will gradually lose.

2. How to repair the scratched pre-painted steel sheet?

One thing that people don't understand about pre-painted steel sheets is that they don't know how to repair when the plate is scratched, because if the plate is scratched and installed, it may lack aesthetics.

It may have a corresponding impact on its continuous use, especially in some acid-base and salt spray environments, so when we encounter this problem, we first need to solve such a problem: repair the scratched Color steel plate, but how should it be repaired?

Generally, if the scratched area of the pre-painted steel sheet is not large, you can use a cloth wheel to lightly throw it and then apply anti-rust oil for storage, and then carry out a subsequent painting process. In addition, it is necessary to remove oil during painting.

In addition, if the rust spot of the PPGI color coated sheets are relatively deep after being scratched, and the injured area is relatively large, then we first carry out relevant treatment on the surface of the pre-painted steel sheet, and then carry out relevant repairs.

In this way, after a reasonable and complete repair, we can use the pre-painted steel sheet more effectively for the application of the pre-painted steel sheet.

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