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What Are the Advantages of Galvalume Steel Sheet?

Advantages of galvalume steel sheet

Hot-dip galvanized steel has been widely used in construction, home appliances and other major industries since its introduction. Due to the continuous expansion of the scope of use, the formability and various properties of the product to the steel sheet continue to improve, resulting in a galvalume steel sheet that is superior to the hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in some properties.

Processing performance: The processing performance of galvalume steel sheet is similar to that of hot dip galvanization, which can fully meet the requirements of rolling, stamping, bending and other forms of processing.

Corrosion resistance: The test is conducted under the premise of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and galvalume steel sheets of the same thickness, coating, and surface treatment. Galvalume has better corrosion resistance than hot-dip galvanized, and its service life is 2-6 times that of ordinary galvanized steel.

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What is the performance of galvalume steel sheet

Light reflection performance: The ability of galvalume steel to reflect heat and light is twice that of galvalume steel, and the reflectivity is greater than 0.70.

Heat resistance: Ordinary hot-dip galvanized products are usually used at a temperature not exceeding 230 degrees, 250 degrees will change color, and galvalume plate can be used in an environment of 315 degrees without changing color for a long time.

Mechanical properties: The mechanical properties of galvalume steel sheets are mainly manifested in yield strength, tensile strength, and high elongation.

How to deal with the galvalume steel sheet?

Post-treatment: Passivation or other chemical surface treatments are performed on the strip steel to obtain the corrosion resistance, lubrication or other requirements desired by the user. Generally, spray drying or roller drying is used.

Edge trimming: trim the strip steel as needed to obtain the appropriate width accuracy.

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