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What Are the Application Ways of Color Aluminum Coil?

Colored aluminum coil refers to the coloring treatment of the appearance of aluminum coil, which has the stability of aluminum alloy and is not easy to corrode. It is a new building decoration material that has appeared in recent years, with low density and high hardness. Colored aluminum coils are environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful. It has the advantages that other products do not have, the color aluminum coil is bright in color, has strong adhesion, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, etc.

1. The application of color aluminum coil

Colored aluminum coils are widely used because of their rich colors, which can meet individual requirements. The processing performance of colored aluminum coils has also become the first material that architects and designers think about. Especially in modern buildings, in recent years, the use of colored aluminum coils in the roofing industry is increasing. Whether it is for civilian use or some commercial use, enterprises often use colored aluminum coils. Colored aluminum coil is not only beautiful, but also has good plasticity. It is an ideal building decoration material, which provides a good design imagination space for designers to meet various style requirements of modern and classical buildings. Colored aluminum coils are often used in Electronic devices, lighting decorations, home accessories, etc., have added a lot of color to our lives.

With the rapid development of the economy, the market's demand for aluminum coils often increases. In recent years, the demand has increased geometrically. At the same time, the development of aluminum coils has played a role in promoting economic development. In the future, there will be more space for aluminum coil applications.

2. The life of color aluminum coil

Generally speaking, the life of colored aluminum coil is 50% longer than that of galvanized steel sheet. However, using the same amount of galvanizing and the same coating in different regions and different places of use, the service life of colored aluminum coils will be very different. For example, in industrial or coastal areas, corrosion will be faster and service life will be affected by salt in the air.

If the color aluminum coil is immersed in rainwater for a long time in the rainy season, or exposed to an environment with a large temperature difference between day and night, the color coated galvalume steel coating will rapidly corrode and shorten the service life. Buildings or workshops made of color-coated steel usually have a longer lifespan when flushed from rainwater that would otherwise be affected by salt and dust. Therefore, in roof design, the greater the slope, the more dust accumulates and the longer the service life. Areas that are infrequently eroded by precipitation must be cleaned of water as needed.

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