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What is the Galvanized Coil?

1. What is the galvanized coil

Galvanized coils: the steel sheet is immersed in a molten zinc bath to make the steel sheet have zinc coated on its surface. At present, it is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing technology, that is, galvanized steel sheet is made by continuously immersing rolled steel sheets in a bath where zinc is melted. Alloyed galvanized steel sheets. This kind of steel sheet is also manufactured by the hot dip method, but immediately after being out of the bath, it is heated to about 500℃ to form an alloy coating of zinc and iron. This galvanized coil has good adhesion and weldability of coating.

Galvanized coil refers to a steel sheet with a layer of zinc plated on the surface. Galvanizing is to prevent the surface of the steel sheet from being corroded and prolong its service life. A layer of metal zinc is coated on the surface of the steel sheet, which is an economical and effective anti-corrosion method that is often used. About half of the world's zinc production has used this technology. The characteristics of galvanized coil: strong corrosion resistance, good surface quality, benefits from deep processing, economical and practical, etc.

Specifications of galvanized coils: the relevant product standards list the recommended standard thickness, length and width of galvanized coils and their allowable deviations. The thickness deviation of galvanized coil is generally 0.05mm, the length and width deviation is generally 5mm, and the thickness of the sheet is generally between 0.4 to 3.2.

Uses of galvanized coils: galvanized coils are mainly used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, containers, transportation and household industries. Especially steel structure construction, automobile manufacturing, steel silo manufacturing and other industries.

2. The classification and production process of galvanized coil

(1) Galvanized coil: the thin steel sheet is immersed in a molten zinc bath, and a layer of zinc is attached to the surface of the thin steel sheet. At present, it is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing technology, that is, the rolled steel sheet is continuously immersed in a zinc-condensed galvanizing tank to produce galvanized steel sheet.

(2) Alloy galvanized sheet bending machine: this kind of steel sheet is also hot-dipped, but it is heated to about 500 ℃ immediately after coming out of the tank. The galvanized sheet coated with alloy of zinc and iron has good adhesion and weldability of coating.

(3) The processing performance of prime hot dipped galvanized steel coils are good. However, the coating of galvanized pipe is thinner than that of hot-dip galvanized sheet, and the corrosion resistance is also poorer.

(4) Single-sided galvanized and double-sided differential color coated galvalume steel: single-sided galvanized products have better compliance than double-sided galvanized sheets in welding, painting, anti-rust treatment, and processing. In order to overcome the defect that one side is not galvanized, the other side is coated with a thin layer of galvanized sheet, that is, double-sided differential galvanized sheet.

(5) Composite galvanized coil: this is an alloy made of zinc and other metals such as lead and zinc. It is a composite steel sheet. The composite galvanized coil not only has excellent anti-rust performance, but also has good coating performance.

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