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What Should Be Noticed when Buying Prepainted Steel Coil?

Prepainted steel plate is currently attracting more and more attention from relevant people in enterprises because prepainted steel plate is widely used and has no pollution, prepainted steel plate also has excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high processing and other characters. At present, prepainted steel plate is generally widely used in industry, in construction, household appliances, packaging, mechanical processing, transportation, indoor, medical, automotive and other industrial aspects.

In the large-scale environmental market, it is not easy for prepainted steel plates to break through the encirclement to gain popularity. It is important to find pre painted steel coil suppliers to get a competitive pre painted galvanized steel sheet price. But if you know that there are many varieties of prepainted steel plates, and you need to purchase them according to your needs, what should you pay attention to when buying prepainted steel plates?

1. The gloss of the prepainted steel plates coatings

Gloss is not related to the performance index of the coating, but the gloss of the prepainted steel plate or its color has a great impact on the overall texture of the prepainted steel sheet, therefore, focusing on characterization selection, some high-gloss materials have higher sales, but should avoid pollution of light in a specific environment.

2. The thickness of the prepainted steel plates

Ordinary high-quality prepainted steel sheet with high-quality paint is mostly pottery structure, contact with corrosive media but not damage the internal material, water vapour in the air also not corrode the material, the coatings of prepainted steel sheet with high density are tight from the outside to the internal, which is different from the general corrosion protection mechanism of isolating corrosive media through multiple coatings.

3. The color of the prepainted steel plates

Color selection is very important when buying prepainted steel plates. First, the color of the prepainted steel plate is in harmony with the surrounding environment. Personal preference must be considered. From the perspective of prepainted steel plates manufacturers, light-coloured prepainted steel plates have strong selectivity, and the heat reflection of each color directly affects the life of the coating, so light-coloured prepainted steel plates usually have a better ability to resist ultraviolet radiation.

Before buying prepainted steel plates, how can we judge the applicability of prepainted steel plates through the reflectivity and reflex of various colors? The metal prepainted steel sheet has a long life and a small expansion coefficient, so the external influence on the material is small. However, according to the production process of these materials, the color coating service is very good, but the proportion of raw materials is different.

4. The hardness of the coating

Coating hardness is usually evaluated by a pencil hardness test.

5. Coating flexibility/ adhesion

Coating flexibility/adhesion is usually evaluated by bending test and reverse impact test.

The bending test level is divided into low, medium and high (A, B, C), and the T bending value is not more than 5T, 3T, 1T.

The reverse impact force level is divided into low, medium and high (A, B, C), and the impact power is not less than 6, 9, 12.

6. Coating durability

The durability of the coating is tested by smoke test and UV lamp accelerated ageing test respectively

7. Other related performance

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