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What Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing Color Steel Coils?

1. Know the color steel coil

Color steel coils are products made through the processes of uncoiling, seaming, degreasing, pretreatment, priming, baking, cooling, and coiling. Color steel coil has a lightweight, beautiful appearance and good anti-corrosion performance, and it can be processed directly. Color steel coils provide a new type of raw material for the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, home appliance industry, electrical industry, etc., and have achieved good effects such as replacing wood with steel, efficient construction, energy conservation, and pollution prevention.

Nowadays, the market for color steel coils is a mixed bag, and the quality of products is uneven, so consumers don't know how to choose. Therefore, what should we pay attention to when choosing color steel coils? How to choose the color steel coil? As one of the most well-known galvanized steel coil suppliers in China, East Steel has many manufacturing experiences and application tips to share with you. 

2. What should we pay attention to when choosing color steel coils?

(1) Observe the thickness of the coating or film and the thickness of the substrate of the color steel coil product. If the substrate is too thin or the coating or film is too thick of the color steel coil, the performance of the aluminum coil will decrease.

(2) Observe whether the exposed steel such as the cross-section of the coil is finely crystallized, grey and dark or has impurity.

(3) Flick the color steel coil with your fingers, the metal sound of the color steel coil made of better material is more obvious and crisp, the sound of that made of poor material is dull, and the metal sound is not obvious.

(4) Don't think that the lower the price of color steel coils, the better, because you get what you pay for. Of course, we must also beware of profiteers using shoddy goods, inflating retail prices, and giving consumers larger discounts. Many consumers are easily fooled. To get a reasonable color coated steel coil price, contact East Steel first.

(5) When buying color steel coils, you should also care about the quality of service and auxiliary materials. It is very important to understand after-sales service because some operators in the market do not fulfil their follow-up service and quality promises after receiving money. This situation will be very bad in the later stage.

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