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What Will Affect the Quality of Prepainted Steel Sheet? How to Choose Prepainted Steel Sheet?

1. Skills of selecting prepainted steel sheet

Prepainted steel sheet is galvanized steel plate (hot dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing). After surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), it is coated by roll coating method, and then baked and cooled. The steel sheet is made of one or more layers of liquid coatings of different colors. There are several aspects to consider when selecting appropriate prepainted steel sheet for buildings. For the steel of buildings (roof and wall panels), the requirements of prepainted steel sheet can be divided into:

① Safety performance (impact resistance, wind pressure resistance and fire prevention);

② Habitability (water repellency, heat insulation and sound insulation);

③ Durability (pollution resistance) (ability, weather resistance and appearance retention);

④ Manufacturability (economical, easy to process, maintain and repair).

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2. What will affect the quality of prepainted steel sheet?

For the ultimate owner of the building, safety and service life are very important. For the design team, service life, bearing capacity and appearance are more important. For the molding processors of building walls and roofs, the processing properties (surface hardness, wear resistance, shape and steel strength) of the prepainted steel sheet are the preferred requirements.

Of course, the quality of prepainted steel sheet mainly depends on the prepainted steel sheet manufacturer, but if the processing and installation equipment and methods are improper, it will cause varying degrees of damage to the appearance and service life of the final product.

The performance indexes of prepainted steel sheet include:

① Substrate: yield strength, tensile strength and elongation;                   

② Plating: coating weight and bonding strength; 

③ Coating: color difference, gloss, T-bend, impact resistance, hardness, dust prevention, heat resistance, moisture resistance and so on; 

④ Surface: visible surface defects and so on; 

⑤ Plate shape: tolerance, unevenness and so on.

3. Processing, storage and transportation skills of prepainted steel coil

Precautions for cutting process of prepainted steel coil: during cutting, the table surface in contact with prepainted steel coil shall be paved with a rubber pad and kept clean, the burr on the cutting surface shall be minimized, and the chip and metal burr generated during shortcutting shall be removed in time to prevent mutual scratch of the coating of steel plate during cutting lamination.

Requirements for storage and transportation of prepainted steel coil: prepainted steel coil shall not be soaked by water, and shall be stored indoors to avoid outdoor storage. If condensation is caused by rain, remove the moisture immediately and use it as soon as possible. Do not pile up prepainted steel coils to avoid damaging the coating coils and steel plates. In order to prevent collision and injury, special slings must be used during loading and unloading.

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