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Why Are More and More Colored Aluminum Coils Used in Construction Projects?

As an important basic material of the national economy, aluminum has been used more and more widely in all walks of life in recent years. And because it is more environmentally friendly to use, it even has a wider trend than iron. The advantages of aluminum and aluminum alloy products such as color aluminum coil and aluminum veneer are gradually highlighted. Colored aluminum coils play an increasingly important role in our daily life and industrial production, and are widely welcomed. On the one hand, it is determined by its own excellent characteristics. On the other hand, the details of the colored aluminum coil in the production process also add a lot to its overall sense of use.

1. Application characteristics of the colored aluminum coil

Colored aluminum coil is a more popular new material at present. Due to its environmental protection, beautiful appearance, resistance to outdoor ultraviolet radiation, not easy to change color, bending resistance, strong adaptability in harsh environments such as wind and rain, colored aluminum coils are widely used in architectural decoration, outdoor decoration, electronic appliances, etc. and have good viewing and durability.

(1) Most of the colored aluminum coil materials have a safe and stable system structure.

(2) Colored aluminum coils have good lightning protection properties.

(3) The performance of colored aluminum coils in sound absorption and noise reduction, heat preservation and fire prevention is no less than that of many building materials.

(4) Colored aluminum coils are durable and valuable roofing systems.

(5) Colored aluminum coils have broad development space and endless application potential.

2. Precautions for trying to coat the colored aluminum coil

Since the color aluminum coil has the characteristics of light and soft material and good thermal conductivity, it is best to test the aluminum strip for 30 meters before the test coating to check whether the overall tension of the aluminum plate is suitable. In addition, all the rollers on the production line that can be in contact with the aluminum plate should be careful not to leave any impurities to avoid bruising. Finally, in order to achieve the required PMT, it is necessary to measure and determine the furnace temperature of the corresponding specification during the trial coating to prevent the drawbacks caused by the excellent thermal conductivity of the colored aluminum coil.

(1) According to the paint used for the color aluminum coil, it should be noted that the line speed should not be too fast, and the plate temperature requirements correspond to the paint requirements.

(2) Because the color aluminum coil is soft and easy to break, a special person needs to track the suture and stop in time if any problem is found.

(3) Because the surface of the colored aluminum coil is astringent, the pressure between the AB rollers of the coating machine should be slightly smaller to prevent the coating roller motor from being overloaded and causing shutdown.

(4) Pay attention to the pre-treatment of the suture of the colored aluminum coil to avoid breaking the belt.

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