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Why Choose the Hot Dip Galv for Farm Structures?

For more than one hundred years, agricultural steel structures have been protected by the hot dip galv. In the past, galvanized objects were mainly small items such as buckets, watering cans, and feeding troughs, which were usually used until they were worn out. Today, most steel products can get the same level of protection, which not just include building frames and farm gates, but also all fences, pressure piping equipment, and electrical appliances.

1. Toughness and wear resistance of the hot-dip galv

Hot dipped galvanized steel coils produce a tough, durable, and permanently bonded coating that is superior to many other systems in protecting steel from damage (for example, tractors or machinery). More importantly, any bare steel exposed by scratches or drilling is protected by galvanizing.

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2. The availability of hot-dip galv

Complete coverage inside and out is the unique feature of hot dip galv coating. The hot dip galv equipment can be seen everywhere. Moreover, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of hot dip galv steel provide an easy-to-clean and hygienic surface. 

Left alone, hot dip spun galvanised will protect the steel from the impact of weather for decades. It will protect steel from the impact of other substances on the farm (such as diesel and gasoline). However, galvanized steel can be corroded by long-term exposure to acidic materials such as mud and faeces. If possible, a layer of asphalt paint should be applied to the galvanized steel structure. For example, after short-term exposure to a slurry pump, it usually does not cause problems if the steel structure is rinsed and dried after use. If it is continuously immersed in water, it is also recommended to paint the galvanized steel structure with asphalt paint.

3. The hot-dip galv reduces labor

Especially for building frames, once the hot dip galv steel is erected, the cladding can begin immediately, which saves a certain amount of time and labor.

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