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Why is Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet So Popular?

Metal buildings account for almost half of low-rise non-residential buildings, in which a large number of roofs and wallboards use pre coated prepainted galvanized steel sheet. Through correct selection of paint system, careful architectural design and regular maintenance, prepainted galvanized steel sheet can provide long-term fault-free service life. A large number of metal buildings use prepainted galvanized steel sheet for roofs and wallboards.

1. Why is prepainted galvanized steel sheet so popular?

Galvanizing of steel sheet is accomplished by a process called "continuous hot dip" , in which the steel sheet is immersed in a molten zinc bath. Liquid zinc helps the steel plate form a protective layer on the steel plate. The steel plate can then be made into other shapes without peeling or peeling. Finished parts can resist corrosion without any additional or secondary painting or coating, making galvanized spinning the most economical process to protect steel from corrosion.

One of the primary considerations in selecting prepainted galvanized steel sheet products is the service environment they will be exposed to. The environment includes the general climate of the area, such as the amount and intensity of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the water exposure time experienced, the acidity of rainwater and the presence of chloride (near the coast) and local influence.

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2. Where is the application of prepainted galvanized steel sheet?

Prepainted galvanized steel sheet and plate products are applied in all fields of our life. A large number of galvanized sheets are used in automobile manufacturing, refrigerator, construction, ventilation and heating facilities, furniture manufacturing and other fields. Galvanizing has become an important way of steel corrosion protection, not only because zinc can form a dense protective layer on the steel surface, but also zinc has cathodic protection. When the galvanized layer is damaged, the iron layer can still be prevented by cathodic protection.

3. Rust removal method of prepainted galvanized steel sheet

Rust removal method of prepainted galvanized steel sheet: thoroughly scrub the rusty part with a steel wire brush dipped in vinegar, and apply vinegar to the rusty part. Pour some vinegar on the wire brush and thoroughly scrub the rusty area. Then wash the vinegar with a garden water pipe. If there are stubborn rust stains, repeat the process. Then mix the water and rust remover in the proportion of 95% and 5%. Cover the rusty area with the mixture for 10 minutes before cleaning. Check the cleaning effect. If there have rust, please cover the rust area again with rust remover. After removing all rust, clean the area with a garden water pipe and dry it, coat the dry area with zinc and dry it. It can be said that the maintenance work is very complex, and rust removal is always the second choice. You will not encounter this trouble by purchasing high quality prepainted galvanized steel sheet and plate products from reliable steel suppliers.

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